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Plush Stuffed Grizzly Bears - more exciting than the Super Bowl!

Stuffed bears have been such a delight for so many children
and animal lovers over the years. Now we are so Pleased to be
able to provide you with some of the most Enjoyable Stuffed
Grizzly Bears you've ever seen.

No restrictions apply on the amount of fun you will have with
these plush stuffed Grizzly Bear toy animals,
fully equipped to give you hours of Entertainment!

These Wonderful stuffed Grizzly Bears are a Snazzy
present to give  that special person in your life.....

for children, and for all animal lovers.

Splendidly Soft and Cuddly

Your very own
Stuffed Plush Grizzly Bear is just waiting
for you at the Stuffed Ark banner Here:

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Get your Stuffed Grizzly Bears and get your Party started!

Grizzly Bear Calendars

Cool stuff about Grizzly Bears

Grizzly bears weigh anywhere from 400 to 1,000 pounds
is much larger than the black bear which you can
find out more about on our stuffed black bear page.

The face on a grizzly bear has a slightly concaved
or curved in appearance. They also have a shoulder hump
and very long, straight claws.

Grizzly bears can be anywhere from a yellowish shade to
almost pure black. Some grizzlies have light tipped hair
and are called silvertip grizzly bears.

Because of hunting, the Grizzly bear now is found almost
exclusively in the wilds of Montana and Wyoming and a
few live in the mountains of Idaho and Colorado. Grizzly
bears used to range from the northern part of the United
States from Kansas to California.

The best place to see a grizzly bear other than a zoo
is Yellowstone National Park.

Grizzly bears are related closest to the brown bears of
Alaska. Some even believe they are just different races
of the same species. Alaskan brown bears weigh just a
bit more than most grizzlies.

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