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The Black Persian Cat
By: Alfred and Patches Kitty

The Black Persian is one of the few breeds of cat that is
when looking upon it elegant and refined. The Persian breed
has been associated with aristocracy because of the way they
look and because they tend to be kept as pets by the
wealthy. In Britain they are referred to as "Longhair" and
records in Europe date all the way back to the 1500's,
referring to them as Angoras. Because the breed made its way
to France from England they are sometimes referred to as
French Cats.

Persians are assumed to be from colder climates because of
their long thick fur coat. It is assumed that they may have
been wild cats in Asia and that the breed wandered from Asia
to Persia and Turkey. The pedigree breed lines of some
Persians can be traced back to Persia and Turkey.

The 1871 English cat show was dominated by Persians,
including Black Persians. Royalty kept Persians and Queen
Victoria is known to have had two blue Persians.

It is the British who distinguish between the different
colored Persians, whereas in the United States the Persians
are lumped together into one breed at shows.

The Cat Fanciers' Association or CFA has divided the Persian
breed into seven different color categories for competition.

- Bicolor
- Himalayan
- Particolor
- Shaded and Smoke
- Silver and Golden
- Solid Color
- Tabby

According to some experts the Black Persian is said to be
livelier than most other color Persians. The Black Persian
has a blunt pug nose, large eyes with round face, and a very
thick coat with long hair and is uniform in the color of
black. They are peaceful, calm cats that like to have
attention lavished upon them.

The Persian requires regular bathing and grooming. Some
Persian owners dust the Persians coat with baby powder so
that the hairs separate and don't stick together. The breed
tends to obesity, so strict control of the portion size and
type of food that they are given is required. Because of
their long hair they are prone to hairballs and consequent
respiratory infections.

Persians are loyal companions and they are very beautiful
cats. They are among the most popular cat breeds in the
world and one of the most photographed feline breed because
of their beauty.

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