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Stuffed Chameleon

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Stuffed plush Chameleon toy animals
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Here's some pretty neat stuff about Chameleons

Chameleons eat insects for breakfast, dinner and supper.
They are called insectivorous. Their favorite cuisine
consists of beetles, spiders, flies and grasshoppers.
Find out more about these on our stuffed spider page
and stuffed grasshopper pages.

Not only are chameleons insectivorous, they are classified
as being part of the reptile family. (reptiles.html)

Most reptiles don't have a big difference between male
and female of the species, but chameleons are different.
The male usually has a colorful pigmentation and sometimes
even has horns. (Jackson's Chameleon and the Poroto

Sometimes there is a big difference in size between male
and female, and as with the panther chameleon the male
is over 20 times larger than the female.

Most chameleons are what is called arboreal which means that
these chameleons spend a good part or all of their time
in trees or bushes. Other chameleons are terrestrial.

A chameleon's eyes are somewhat unique among reptiles. Because
the upper and lower eyelids are joined having only a very
small hole to see through, the chameleon can look in two
different directions at the same time and they have
360 degree vision around their body.

Chameleons are also known for their ability to change skin
color to help them hide from predators and also to attract mates.

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