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Spider and Black

Widow Spider

Stuffed Toy Animals

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Children all over find themselves having so much
Fun and Refreshing Entertainment as they play for hours
with these Friendly and Dandy Stuffed Plush Spiders.

You will be Amazed at how much Fun

these Plush Stuffed Spiders really are

11 inches long Stuffed Plush Spider

These plush stuffed Black Widow Spider Toys
are Amusing and a splendid toy for Halloween.

So Incredibly Soft and Playful

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Bet you didn't know this about Spiders.....

Spiders are arachnids with at least 40,000 species
in about 100 families.

Spiders have the unique ability to produce silk. The silk
is used to catch their prey and to protect their eggs,
and to transport themselves from place to place.

Most spiders have 8 eyes and a two part body, they
inject venom into their prey. Spiders live in just
about every part of the world except for the very
cold climates.

The most famous spider is the black widow spider because
it's venom has killed many people, but only a small
portion of it's bites are lethal for humans. The female
black widow spider is much larger than the male and
it's the female who bites humans, but only will do
so when provoked.

Black widow spiders are black in color and the female
has a distinctive hour glass marking on her underside.
The male black widow spider is not venomous.

Black widow spiders eat insects, beetles, roaches,
scorpions and even other spiders.

Black widow spiders are found in North America from
central New England across the United States to the
southern border.

In actuality, there are only a few spiders across
the world which are dangerous to mankind. Most of
them live in the warmer parts of the planet like
Africa and Australia. The most toxic spider is
the Sicarius hahnii of South Africa.

There are several famous spiders, like Spider Man,
and Charlotte the spider in Charlotte's Web who helps
a pig named Wilbur become famous in town. There are
also monkeys called spider monkeys which you can read
about on our stuffed spider monkey page.

Stuffed Spider Monkey

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