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Chinchilla Persian Cat

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The Chinchilla Persian Cat

The beautiful creature known as the Chinchilla Persian
has a gentle sweet disposition. This cat is not a
Sterling Persian and shouldn't be confused with one.
Other common names for this cat include Colorbred
Chinchilla, Colorbred Chinchilla Longhair.

The loving, sweet and adaptable Chinchilla Persian is
considered one of the most beautiful variations of the
Persian breed. This Persian is placid and is better
suited to homes that have just adults as it may be
intimidated by young children. It will adjust well to
new situations so if you move frequently this cat will
go with the flow.

Unlike most other cats, the Chinchilla Persian starts
out almost entirely black with tabby markings. As the
kitten matures into an adult cat the coat changes color
until its coat is very white with the silver tips that
give this variation on the Persian breed its name. The
Chinchilla Persian is truly a gorgeous creature.

The Chinchilla Persian also has striking emerald or
blue green eyes. They are round, large and expressive
and help to cultivate the elegant appearance of this
particular feline. The Chinchilla Persian is a
relatively quiet cat with a melodic voice. They are
sturdy cats but they are not as stocky or stout as
other Persians, lending to what is called its "fairy-
like" appearance.

The foundation of this color in the Persian breed was a
Chinchilla Persian named Silver Lambkin. The unique
coloring associated with the Chinchilla Persian took
the London cat shows by storm in the late nineteenth

Some people say that the Chinchilla Persian has enough
differing characteristics from the Persian breed to be
classified as its own breed, while others maintain that
it is still a member of the Persian family and just a
color variant.

The Chinchilla Persian has long hair that requires
regular grooming and brushing to prevent matting and
tangles. Because of the long coat they are relatively
difficult to maintain, like any other Persian.

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