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Dashingly Colorful


Coral Snakes

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What a Refreshing idea this is for a stuffed animal.
You haven't lived until you've seen these Bright and
Cheery Stuffed Plush Coral Snakes who are ready to
slither their way into your heart.

These remarkable plush stuffed
Coral Snakes are entertaining and loads of FUN!

Stuffed plush Coral snake
54 inches in length

You've got to have a huge smile on your face
after seeing this Unique stuffed Coral Snake!

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Coral snakes contain about 40 species all categorized
under coral snake. All of them are found in warmer
parts of the Americas.

Each of the 40 species has a pattern of contrasting
bands which are a signal to predators that coral
snakes are venomous, which is highly toxic.

Most coral snakes are rarely seen because they are
nocturnal. Coral snakes feed on small lizards and
smaller snakes. Milk snakes look very similar to
coral snakes, although they are not poisonous,
but the markings still protect the milk snake
because predators "think" they are poisonous.

Coral snakes have rear fangs or fangs in the back
of their mouths unlike the cobras. See stuffed cobras
for more info. Snakes with rear fangs are not
considered quite as dangerous as snakes with
front fangs because they are not as efficient
at injecting their venom as the front fanged snakes are.

Superb Color on these Coral Snake Calendars

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