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Spectacular and Dazzling

Plush Stuffed

Snakes of all Kinds!

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What a great addition to any stuffed animal
collection these simply Adorable
Plush Stuffed Snakes will make.

They are made from the finest quality materials
and will last for a long time given the proper care.

See our article on How to take clean stuffed animals.

Without a doubt, these Lovely, so Very Soft
and Lifelike Plush Stuffed Snakes
will Turn you on if you are a snake keeper
or snake aficionado

We have for you a really cool selection of stuffed
toy snakes to pick from, all of which you will find to
be as exciting.... and "dangerous" as the real thing.

Plush Stuffed Coral Snake 54 inches long

Stuffed Plush Cobra Snake in Basket

Plush Stuffed Corn Snake 52 inches long

The above  plush stuffed Snake Toys
are only a few of the ones we have available

Stuffed plush snakes include:
stuffed Anaconda, stuffed Cobra snake,
stuffed Coral snake, stuffed Corn Snake,
stuffed Green Snake, stuffed Python, and stuffed Rattlesnakes

These exceptionally cute stuffed Snakes will make
an excellent gift idea for any person who
likes snakes or reptiles.

A refreshingly New Idea!

Stuffed Plush Snakes of the Fun Kind.....
slither on over to the Stuffed Ark banner Here:

The Internet's largest choice of stuffed snakes & animals

We value you as a customer and try our best
to make sure your order is placed quickly
and that you are satisfied with what you purchase.

Some Interesting Stuff about Snakes:

Scientists think that snakes are descended from
burrowing lizards that gradually lost their legs
as they became more and more adapted to underground
life. As a general rule, today's snakes do
not live underground but manage very well to
get around without the use of legs.

A snake's body is long and thin, so the stomach,
liver, kidneys, ovaries, and intestines are
"flattened" out or elongated unlike those in
most other animals and humans.

The right lung in a snake is elongated while the
left lung is much smaller.

The longest snakes have skeletons with over 400
vertebrae, the shortest have about 180. All the neck
and trunk vertebrae have strong ribs which are not
attached at the front of them thus allowing the
snake to be able to swallow large prey.

A snake's upper jaw is loosely attached to the rest
of it's skull and the two halves of the lower jaw
are separated. This configuration allows the snake
to make a very wide opening with it's mouth, all
the more scary to look at and for the snake, easier
for large prey to be taken in.

About 3/4's of the world's snakes belong to the
Colubrid family, over 2,000 species. Some of these
are venomous like the coral snakes, but most are
not poisonous.

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