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So Delightful & Charming

Plush Stuffed

Dalmatian Doggie

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Plush Stuffed Dalmatian Dog
chock full of Charisma & Fun

10 inches high Dalmatian puppy toy animal

Experience a stuffed animal like you've never experienced
one before. This totally adorable and cute as a button
Plush Stuffed Dalmatian Dog will capture your heart
and warm your soul.

This stuffed plush Dalmatian dog is certainly the
sweetest pup in town and will come into your home
just waiting to give you and your family tons of
Love and Affection.

Extra special care is required for him - he will need
lots of hugs and kisses every day and really likes to
spend the day cuddled up on a bed on the pillows.

Fast Service ...... Prices are Very Affordable

Playing with your Dalmatian Dog

Dalmatians do not do well in an apartment setting. They are
very active dogs that need space and a good sized backyard
to play in. They will not be happy staying in the backyard
alone as they prefer to be around their people.

The Dalmatian needs to be taken on several brisk walks every
day to fulfill its instincts and keep it healthy. If they
are not properly exercised they can become hyperactive and
destructive. This breed is sensitive to cold and shouldn't
be left outside when it is cold.

The Dalmatian loves to play and will do better in an active
family with children. They love children and will have no
problem playing day in and day out for as long as the child
wants to throw a ball.

This particular dog breed has incredible stamina and energy,
so they need to run around a lot in order to control that
energy. They are also quite intelligent and therefore need
to be taught to heel properly when being walked on the
leash. Otherwise they may start pulling and trying to boss
the owners around.

This dog loves to run, so letting it off the leash in a safe
area to play disk catch or fetch is a very good idea. They
can be trained to do some incredible feats of obedience when
given enough consistent training. They however are not the
best dogs for obedience trials or agility as they do not
have the high instinct to please their masters that other
dog breeds have.

The Dalmatian is a heavy shedder twice a year. They are an
easy, hardy breed. But they do take a lot of time brushing
and grooming in order to keep shedding down to a minimum.

They are clean dogs that do not have a lot of odor that
other dogs are prone to. They like to stay clean and will
even avoid puddles so as not to soil themselves. Give the
dog a bath only when necessary.

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