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Guidance on

Dalmatian Dog

Health & Well Being

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Health Care Tips for your Dalmatian Dog
Brought to you by: Tippy and Alfred

The Dalmatian breed has a problem in that ten to twelve
percent of all puppies born are born deaf. Therefore every
Dalmatian puppy needs to have a BAER-test for deafness.
Puppies that are totally deaf should be neutered or spayed
as soon as possible to prevent passing on the genetic

The BAER-test should be performed at about six weeks of age
for puppies. Dogs that are deaf are extremely hard to raise
and often they will become aggressive and snap at people in
fear, so deaf Dalmatians don't even make good pets as a

Dalmatians also have a problem with urinary stones. These
can turn deadly if not treated properly. They can also have
a problem with skin allergies, especially to synthetic
fibers commonly found in carpets and upholstery. Skin
sensitivities and allergies can be inherited.

Uric acid levels in Dalmatians are higher than in any other
dog breed. This can sometimes cause urinary blockage that
can kill. Your veterinarian may recommend a low protein diet
for your dog that will help to prevent urinary tract issues.

This breed can become aggressive to other dogs if it isn't
properly handled and trained. They were originally bred to
be watchdogs and coach dogs, so their guarding instinct is
strong. The Dalmatian is a highly active dog and it needs
mental and physical exercise throughout the day, otherwise
it can become high strung. Without proper socialization they
may also become shy.

If your Dalmatian is not properly exercised they can become
destructive. But if you are an active person with leadership
skills that can devote time to your dog then the Dalmatian
may be a good dog breed for you.

Overall dogs of this breed need to have proper exercise and
a healthy well balanced diet of good quality food with
plenty of water available at all times. The items above are
essential for any dog to be healthy and happy but especially
for a Dalmatian.

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Special Care Tips & Hints for the Dalmatian Breed
Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

For the Dalmatian, made famous by firemen and 
Walt Disney, there are a few things you need to
know to keep them healthy and both of you happy.

If your puppy is too much to handle, a good trainer
and a natural claming remedy (such as valerian or
milk and honey) is in order.

Since they are not prone to gain weight until they're
older, portion controlled free feeding may help keep
your puppy calm.

A long bone packed with peanut butter may keep him
busy, as will other chew type toys.

The Ultimate Dog Food for your Dalmatian

Dalmatians are often strong-willed and they require an
unusual amount of patience during training. These
energetic dogs may not be appropriate for younger children,
cannot be locked inside for long periods of time and
need lots of attention

Many Dalmatians form urate crystals or stones in
their kidneys and bladder.

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