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The Emu

The Emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae) is a large flightless
bird that is commonly farmed in Australia and other parts of
the world. They have excellent feathers, meat, eggs and oil
that are sold for a good profit. Emus are tall birds, second
only in height to their cousin the Ostrich. They can travel
up to thirty-one miles per hour when sprinting.
(see our stuffed ostrich page.)

Emus are nomadic and can travel great distances at an
economical trot. They feed on insects and plants and prefer
open plains and wet areas. They stay away from heavily
populated regions, preferring the less populated mainland of
Australia, in savanna woodlands.

The subspecies of Emu that lived on Tasmania became extinct
when European settlers made a settlement there in 1788.
Their extinction is directly linked to human activities. In
fact, on the larger continent of Australia the Emu
population is declining because of human encroachment.

The largest Emus are reported to grow is seventy-five inches
in height and 4.3 feet at the shoulder. Emus can weigh
between forty and one hundred and ten pounds. Emus, like
Ostriches have long necks and legs and small vestigial

They can run very fast, up to thirty miles per hour, due to
their specialized pelvic and limb musculature. They have
three toes on their feet and little muscle and bone in the
feet and lower legs. The Emu has a similar distribution of
body mass to that of a flying bird. They have a soft bill
for grazing on plants and grasses.

The neck and head of the Emu is a pale blue in color and has
very few feathers. They have a mute grey-brown plumage that
has an unkempt appearance. Emu feathers are unique in that
they have a double rachis emerging from a single feather
shaft. The tips and shafts of the feathers are black. This
is to absorb the heat from the sun and help to warm the bird
along, with the loose feathers for insulation.

Emus normally travel in pairs and the male and the female
bird look very similar. They have a loud booming call that
sounds like drumming, and grunting sounds that can be heard
over a mile away. The booming sound is made by an inflatable
neck sac that is twelve inches long.

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