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Handsome and Dapper
Plush Stuffed Geckos

Since the Geiko Gecko lizard came on television
everyone is rushing to get one of these Adorable
plush stuffed Geckos that are Fun Filled and Loveable!

Simply terrific are these plush stuffed gecko
toy animals that will keep you entertained for hours!

These  stuffed Gecko toy animals will make
refreshing gifts for any one you consider a friend,
for animals lovers, for collectors and specially
for children of all ages.

Warm, Soft and Cuddly as can be

Stuffed Plush Gecko
by clicking on the Stuffed Ark banner Here:

Did you realize this about Geckos?

The gecko is one of the smallest lizards alive in the
world today. Some are on three quarters of an inch long.
And, some scientists believe that the gecko has the best
eyesight of any other lizard, but they most probably see
things in black and white, not color. Geckos, unlike
other lizards have no eyelids. They see through
a membrane over each eye that is transparent and they
use their tongues to lick this membrane to keep it clean.

The most famous gecko is the Geiko Gecko Lizard
who is the star of the Geiko television commercials
which promote automobile insurance.

Geckos are found all over the world except for Antarctica,
however, because they are nocturnal, they do not live in
areas where the night time temperatures are low.

Just like the chameleons some geckos are arboreal and
some are territorial. See our stuffed chameleon page to
find out more about them.

Geckos are able to make a variety of sounds like barking,
clicking and chirping.

Some species of geckos can live to be up to 30 years.

Geckos have scales that are beaded rather than flat. Their
tails are fragile and often break off. On their feet are
special pads with tiny hooks that enable the gecko to
walk on a wide variety of surfaces.

There are 22 species of gecko that are listed as being
rated near threatened to almost extinct.

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