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Grey Cats

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coat Colorings

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Coat Color for Gray Cats

There are two main variations of gray cat coats, blue
and smoke. The two different colors are caused by a
recessive gene that suppresses the tabby markings that
appear on most cats.

A solid blue cat has a blue-gray coloring all over its
entire body. It can also appear as a dark slate gray,
medium gray or pale ash gray. The coloring is sometimes
referred to as "Maltese". The breeds that have been
shown in this coloring are the Chartreux, Korat and
Russian Blue, although many other breeds and
crossbreeds exhibit this coloring.

Just because a cat is a solid blue in color doesn't
mean that it is a purebred cat, it simply means that
the cat has a genetic recessive suppressing the tabby
markings and the genetic color marking it as blue.

If your cat's fur is mostly a solid gray or black but
the roots are white then it is called a "smoke". In
order for the coloring to be referred to as smoke it
must have white roots, not a gradual color variation in
which the roots are lighter.

The smoke coloring is the solid version of the silver
tabby coloring. These cats are very eye catching
because when they move the fur will part and the white
undercoat peek through. A "blue smoke" is a solid gray
colored cat with white roots to the fur.

Gray cats more often than not have a personality that
would be at home in a royal court. They are
sophisticated, but when you turn your back you can be
in for a surprise. Although they may like to play the
part of looking down on the world from on high, they
also have a playful side and go cut loose with a ball
or yarn or a toy dangled from on high. In short, gray
colored cats love to be loved and played with.

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