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Rare and Novel

Plush Stuffed

Horned Toads

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When you see these fascinating Plush Stuffed
Horned Toads, we think you will be just as excited as
Yosemite Sam when he said, Great Horney Toads!

These plush stuffed Horned Toad toys
are specially designed to give you a great time!

Try giving one of these stuffed Horned Toads
as a present for children and all animal lovers

and you will find them with Huge Smiles on their faces.

Creative and really Cool stuffed Horned Toads.

Stuffed plush Horned Toad
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Horned toads are sometimes called horned lizards and even
horned frogs so called because of their rounded body and
short tails. In reality, the horned toad is neither
a toad nor a frog, but a lizard.

In the wild horned toads can look rather frightening
even startling, but they are actually quite harmless to
humans and despite the rumor that they are poisonous,
horned toads are not venomous.

The weirdest thing about horned toads is if they are
extremely frightened by a predator they are capable of
shooting blood from their eyes which can spurt out up
to four feet.

Horned toads don't grow very large, the largest only get
to about 5 inches in length. They have scaly skin ranging
from various colors of black, brown, tan, gray and
yellow which helps them hide among the rocks or sand
where they live.

Horned toads live in parts of the United States, Canada,
Mexico and Guatemala. They live mostly in desert areas,
but have been found in the mountains and forests.

They like sandy soil because it is easy to burrow into
where they live most of their lives in their burrows.
If they do find themselves in very cold areas they
will hibernate to survive.

During the day the horned toad suns itself to warm itself
up. The skin will turn colors from lighter to darker to
help absorb the sun's warmth. After it gets warmed up,
then the horned toad will get hungry and go looking for
it's favorite meal, ants which you can find out more about
on our stuffed ants page. If ants are not available, then
the horned toad will dine on small insects or spiders.
(read about spiders on our stuffed spider page.)

If horned toads get threatened they are also able to take
in large amounts of air and puff themselves up making themselves
look larger than they really are.

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