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Some Cool information on King Cobra Snakes:

King Cobra Snakes are weird. They make a really eerie
moan, they are also the world's largest cobra.
They can grow to a length of up to 16 and 1/2 feet long!

King cobras don't make exactly the same "hood" as their
Asiatic cousins (see stuffed cobras for all about
cobra snakes). When alarmed or wanting to show
they are going to strike, King Cobras flatten out,
or have their ribs expand a portion of their body
below where the start of the hood of an Asiatic cobra's
hood would be.

King cobras are not as aggressive as some of the
other cobra snakes are. They only attack when
provoked or when their nest is bothered.

The female kind cobra builds her own nest, she is
the only member of the cobra family which does.
She makes a crook in the forepart of their body
and drags leaves and sticks into a pile. The eggs
go at the bottom and then the female stands
guard over the nest. Sometimes the daddy will
help out spelling the mom so she can slither
off and do things that King Cobra snakes do.

King Cobra snakes are fairly common across southern
and Southeast Asia, Bangladesh, India, Burma,
Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia,
Indonesia, the Philippines and parts of China.

Relatives of the King Cobra are the Egyptian cobra
which is found across Africa, the forest cobra
which lives in the rainforests of Africa, and
the Asian cobra.

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