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Here's a Novel gift idea!

Plush Stuffed


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These Plush Stuffed Cobras
will provide you endless Entertainment

Pretend you are an Indian snake charmer

as you sway back and forth this

Extraordinary Stuffed Plush Cobra

will obey your every command.

Soft & entertaining, these plush stuffed Cobra
toy snakes are a whole lot of fun to have!

For more information about Cobra Snakes
see below.

This is a toy snake! Please do not mistake this
real looking stuffed plush Cobra Snake to be alive,
although at times you might think he is.....

Out of this world and Unique as can be.

Many more stuffed toy reptiles & toy snakes
online at the Stuffed Ark banner above.

Prices for our stuffed Cobra snakes are very Reasonable

Slitherly Cobra Calendars

Cobra snakes, coral snakes, mambas and sea snakes
are members of a group of very dangerous snakes that
can kill with their lethal venom. See our
Stuffed Coral Snakes.

These snakes have fangs fixed at the front end of
their jaw. The other group of venomous snakes have
their fangs tucking backward and have the ability
to fold backwards.

The venom from cobras is so powerful it can cause
death in humans and some large animals. It is
estimated that about 10% of cobra bites are lethal.
Most people get bitten by cobras after dark when
they accidentally step on the snake.

Cobras come from Southeast Asia, Africa, and India.

Asiatic cobras are no an aggressive snake, but if
they are threatened, they will strike just as readily
as the other cobras. These snakes do warn their
predator before striking by pushing out their neck
skin like a hood. About one third of the snake's
body will rise straight up while the rest remains

King cobras are the world's largest cobra, see
these stuffed king cobras for more info about
king cobra snakes.

Cobras became famous because they are the snake of
choice for snake charmers. A snake charmer will
"cool down" a cobra before a show which makes the
cobra easier to handle, slower and more passive.

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