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The Lionfish

The Lionfish is a venomous marine fish of several species
from the family Scorpaenidae. In Turkey they are known as
the Dragon Fish, Fire Fish, Scorpion Fish or the Turkey
Fish. The most prominent features are the long separated
spines and striped appearance.

The Lionfish is commonly found in the tropical Indo-Pacific
region but some species can be found all over the world.
Because of recent introduction the Lionfish has been spotted
in the Caribbean Sea and the Eastern Atlantic Ocean.

Lionfish can vary in size between the different species.
Commonly they reach the size of around a foot (thirty
centimeters) in length. The smallest Lionfish, called the
Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish (not including the fins) reaches the
size of a tennis ball.

Lionfish are venomous and the NOAA encourages fishers and
divers alike to avoid the venomous spikes of the Lionfish.
The venom isn't deadly but it is very painful. Happily, they
are not aggressive towards humans and will try to stay away
from humans if given the opportunity.

If you are stung by a Lionfish it is important that you seek
medical attention quickly. Often the venom causes extreme
pain and sometimes breathing difficulties, headaches and
vomiting. Very few hospitals carry the antivenom for this
fish and the most common treatment is soaking the stung area
in hot water.

Lionfish are predators and capture their prey by using their
large fins to herd the fish into their mouths to swallow it
whole. The Lionfish can be trained to eat brine shrimp,
mysis and krill in captivity.

Lionfish have very few natural predators but they have been
known to eat each other and the grouper will eat them as
well. These fish, for all of their predatory instinct, are
beautiful to behold. Their long spines and brilliant
striping make them stand out in the blue of the sea. Divers
appreciate being able to see one even from a distance. And
advanced aquarists give them pride of place in the marine

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