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The Manatee or Sea Cow

The Manatee is a large aquatic marine mammal from the family
Trichechidae. They are also commonly known as Sea Cows. Sea
cows are said to be closely related to the Elephant and the
Hyraxes. See our stuffed elephant page also.

Manatees live in the marshy, shallow areas of coasts and
rivers. They are found in the Amazon Basin, the Caribbean
Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean near Florida,
and West Africa.

There was a recent report that a new species was found in
the Brazilian Amazon. It was called the Dwarf Manatee but
the report is suspect and it is believed that these are
really immature Amazonian Manatees. The farthest north a
Manatee has been seen is off the coast of Georgia. They do
not have good endurance for cold and have a low metabolic
rate, straying into cold waters can be deadly to them.

Manatees are herbivorous and graze in the shallow waters at
three to seven feet (one to two meters) deep. Much of what
is known about Manatees is based on Manatees found in
Florida in the United States, and the much research that has
been done on them, so the information can't necessarily be
attributed to all Manatees.

Adult Manatees may reach twelve hundred pounds (five hundred
and forty-four kilograms) and ten feet (over three meters)
in length. The female of the species tends to be bigger than
the male. A baby Manatee weighs around sixty-six pounds
(thirty kilograms) at birth.

Most Manatees can swim at most five miles (eight kilometers)
per hour and in short bursts can swim up to twenty miles
(thirty-two kilometers) per hour.

They are herbivores. They are known to eat from sixty
different plant species including turtle grass, algae, and
mangrove leaves. They use their divided upper lip to graze.
An adult Manatee will eat nine percent of its body weight
every day. Manatees have also been known to eat small fish
out of nets but this is rare and is believed to be more
opportunistic feeding than anything else.

Most of the day a Manatee sleeps, only surfacing every
twenty minutes for air. They have been known to live up to
sixty years and can move freely between fresh and salt water
environments. The only exception may be the Amazonian
Manatee that never leaves its freshwater home.

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