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These exceptionally cute stuffed Pandas will make
an excellent gift for that special person in your life.....

for children, and for all animal lovers everywhere.

Stuffed Giant Panda

Definitely more fun than watching paint dry,
plush stuffed Pandas
are a welcome addition to keeping your home and
your spirits bright.

We think you will agree......
these Stuffed Panda toy animals are enchantingly Adorable!

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Positively endearing Panda & animal Calendars

Pandas were for a long time not believed to be
actual bears. The smaller pandas looked like raccoons
(see our stuffed raccoon page for info about raccoons),
however the giant black and white pandas looked like
them, so the scientists finally got it together and
proclaimed pandas to be actual bears.

One species, the lesser panda or Red panda is very
similar to a raccoon. They live in Southeast Asia
and are only a little bit bigger than a raccoon and
have a mask on their face that while brown in color is
similar to the raccoon's mask but is only on the sides
of the eyes and not clear across the eyes like a

Red pandas eat bamboo also, but they have a diet more
like the raccoon eating just about anything that they
can find from grasses to small mammals. Red pandas also
communicate similar to raccoons with a series of squeals,
shreaks, whistles and wild squeals.

Pandas live in parts of the world where bamboo is
plentiful, This is because bamboo is the main staple
in their diet. If pandas can't eat bamboo, they will die.
Because they are mostly vegetarians they don't really
get enough protein so they do not grow to a large size
and their diet is not a nutritionally good one.

A Panda is a shy animal preferring to remain hidden
in the bamboo than come out and play. They are not
a aggressive like some bears are. Visit
our stuffed panda bear page to find out some interesting
facts about the Giant Panda.

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