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Panda Bears are some really cool animals
that simply capture the love of a person's heart.
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Stuffed Panda Bear

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Stuffed Giant Panda Bear

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Giant Panda Bears are only found (except of course in
zoos and in reserves) in the Xifan Mountains in southwestern
China. There Pandas like the steeper terrain and of course,
the bamboo forests.

The giant panda was once classified as a member of the
raccoon family, see our stuffed raccoon page, now they
are classified as part of the bear family. See our
stuffed bear page.

Giant Panda Bears are about a third the size of a Grizzly
bear which you can find out more about on our
stuffed grizzly bear page. a Grizzly bear can weigh
up to 1700 pounds where the Giant Panda comes into the
ring weighing up to 275 pounds.

Giant Pandas survive almost exclusively on bamboo with
an occasional dining on small animals and fish. Grizzly
bears eat a diet mostly of protein rich meats like salmon,
see stuffed salmon.

China made this amazing animal as a National Treasure in
1949. Giant Panda Bears are now the symbol for the World
Wide Fund for Nature. They are listed as an endangered species.

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