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Peter Rabbit

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Pamper yourself with the addition of this
Delightfully Soft and Cute Plush Stuffed Peter Rabbit
complete with arms opened wide and adorable blue coat.

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A priceless keepsake forever.

Our plush stuffed Peter Rabbit toy animal
will make you feel Warm and Happy inside with
his Alluring Smile and Cheerful Countenance.

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Just as Sweet as a warm piece of freshly baked Cherry Pie

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Peter Rabbit vs. Peter Cottontail

Peter Rabbit is a character from Beatrix Potter books for
children. When some people hear a reference to Peter
Cottontail they believe that the reference is to Peter
Rabbit. In fact, Peter Rabbit and Peter Cottontail are two
very different characters.

Peter Rabbit was a rabbit with a blue coat and clogs. He
always got into an endless amount of trouble with his
impetuosity and in one way or another had to extract himself
from dangerous or troublesome situations. The first book
about Peter Rabbit was written in 1902.

Here is a list of books by Beatrix Potter that feature
Peter Rabbit:

- "The Tale of Peter Rabbit"

- "The Tale of Benjamin Bunny"

- "The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle"

- "The Tale of Ginger and Pickles"

- "The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies"

- "The Tale of Mr. Tod"

Peter Cottontail, however, is from a song out of a
book by Priscilla and Otto Friedrich called "The Easter
Bunny That Overslept." The song was first published in 1957.

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