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We are sorry for the inconvenience,
however, due to the almost thousand spam messages
we are getting per day......we had to do something to
help prevent our address from continually
being harvested by the spammers robots.

Here is our email address:


at    (use  the   @   sy mbol)

g m a


You will need to type the above on one line
in the to field of a blank email message
of course Omit the (use the   @    symbol) and
just use     @


And Don't use the coloring we put in either,
that's to confuse the robots more.

Sorry we had to do it this way but some harvesting
robots will pick up anything that has the at symbol

Please also put the nature of your business in the
subject line, for instance, if you are emailing us
about a stuffed animal, put that in the subject,
or about a pet health related question...etc.

Thanks for your understanding,

Tippy, Alfred & Dave


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