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The Northern Bobwhite

Northern Bobwhite, a quail of the eastern part
of the United States is so named for it's familiar
call of bob-white or bob-bob-white. It has a western
cousin called the Masked Bobwhite. Sometimes the
bobwhite will whistle a type of sound like: hoy.

This quail is a game bird hunted for it's meat.
In some states the bobwhite is managed by the state's
game commissions. The Bobwhite is on decline from
hunting and losses to it's habitat from industry,
agricultural growth and housing. A hard freeze
can sometimes destroy a whole covey of quails.

The bobwhite feeds mainly on grains, but they will
eat insects, seeds, worms and spiders. See our
stuffed spider page to find out more about them.

The male is a brighter color than the female, having a
white throat to the female's buff color and the male
has a white stripe over it's eyes.

Bobwhites live in solitary or in pairs in the spring,
then in the summer they have family groups, then in
the fall and winter they live in coveys of 8 to 15
other quail.

Similar birds are the Scaled Quail and Gambrel's Quail.

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