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There are 5 species of Rhinoceros & all are Endangered

Rhinoceros are huge and will often charge something or someone
they think may be a danger to them, but it is really a scare
tactic. Really, in general the rhinoceros is a fairly timid animal.
Rhinos can charge at speeds up to 28 miles and hour.

There are 5 species of Rhinoceros and all 5 are endangered
with 3 of them being critical. They have little natural
predators, but are being killed off almost exclusively for
their horns which is worth more than gold.

The White Rhinoceros is divided into two subspecies. The northern
white rhino is found only in Garamba National park in the
Democratic Republic of Congo. The southern white rhinoceros
is found in southern Africa mostly in parks and reserves.

The Black Rhinoceros is found in scattered parts of eastern
and southern Africa. Poachers have almost destroyed the population
of Black Rhinos and since they are now protected, some
of the animals are assigned 24 hour guards to keep them alive.
The Black Rhinoceros is also known as the hook-lipped

The Indian Rhinoceros lives in a very small area of south Asia.
While they live on land most of the time, the Indian Rhino
is a good swimmer and spends more time in the water than the
other types of rhinos.

The Sumatran Rhinoceros lives in Sumatra and neighboring parts
of south and southeast Asia. The Javan Rhinoceros lives in
a similar area but not quite as large. Both are critically
endangered. The Javen rhino is one of the rarest of the
larger mammals.

Javan and Indian Rhinoceros have only one horn while the other
groups have two.

The Sumatran, Javan and Black Rhinos weigh up to a ton and
a half while the Indian Rhino weighs in at a little over
2 tons and the White Rhino is huge weighing up to 4 tons
in the males.

Females of all are usually much smaller. White rhinos and
the hippopotamus are the second largest land animals.
See our stuffed hippo page.

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