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Big, bulky and loving water is the Hippopotamus

Hippos love water. They are pretty clumsy and slow on land,
but are almost like a fish in the water. They have wide
feet which make excellent paddles and are surprisingly
good swimmers.

They spend more than 18 hours a day in the water only coming
out at night to feed on grass. They can remain submerged under
water for over 5 minutes. Some scientists think that hippos
are more closely related to whales than to other hoofed
mammals. The hippopotamus closest relative on land is the
pig which you can find out more about on our Pig Care pages
where we have over 75 articles on pigs and pigs as pets.
You can find out more about whales on our stuffed whale page.

The hippopotamus weighs in at about 1 1/4 tons and stands
about 5 feet tall and is 9 feet long. In contrast the pygmy
hippopotamus weighs only 600 pounds, is 5 feet long.

The pygmy hippopotamus is very rare only found along the west
coast of Africa in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and the
Ivory Coast. It doesn't spend nearly as much time in the
water as the hippopotamus does

Funny and Comical

Plush Stuffed Hippos

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Stuffed Hippopotamus toy animal with baby Hippo

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