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The Rambunctious Rooster

Chickens are probably the most common domesticated (Gallus
domesticus) bird in the world. It is believed to have
descended from a wild bird in Southeast Asia, (Gallus gallus)
called Red Junglefowl.

Wherever they came from, chickens have been domesticated for
over eight thousand years, providing valuable protein in the
form of eggs and meat, as well as warm and decorative
feathers. There are now many breeds of domesticated
chickens, some bred for eggs, some for meat, and some simply
for beauty and show.

Rooster is the common name for a male chicken. It is also
sometimes called a chanticleer. The female chicken is called
a hen. and just hatched chicken young are chicks.

During mating season roosters will often strut around trying
to attract the attention of the female hens, and will crow
to mark its territory. The Rooster is known for its crowing
call that wakes up the farm animals when the sun rises.

The Rooster is polygamous, meaning that it has multiple
mates. He keeps all his hens together and guards them from
other roosters and predators, but he can't guard many nests
at one time. The Rooster will instead guard the general area
in which his hens are nesting. He will attack other roosters
that enter the territory.

During the daytime the Rooster is often seen perching four
or five feet high off of the ground in order to serve as a
look out for the flock. They have a distinctive alarm call
if they spot predators nearby, and with such an alert the
hens will gather the chicks and run to their nests, or hide
the chicks under their wings until the rooster sounds an

Most Roosters have a comb and wattles, which are extra flaps
of brightly red colored skin. The comb is on top of the
head, while the wattle hangs below the bill. The Rooster is
usually more brightly colored and bigger than the female
hen, whatever the breed and coloration.

Roosters are very aggressive to anyone one or anything
entering their territory. They are the most aggressive
during mating season in the spring, and Roosters often die
if they are penned together because they will fight until
one dies.

The Rooster crowing at the dawn is a popular depiction in
art. The Rooster can often be seen sitting on objects or
fence posts where it will crow to warn other roosters from
its territory. The Rooster will also crow when it sees the
sun and sometime at night when the moon is particularly

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