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You haven't lived until you've seen one of these
Delightfully Cute and Superbly Cuddly Plush Stuffed
Sea Turtles that are unparalleled in their Warmth and Cuteness!

First, some nifty things about the Sea Turtle

The Sea Turtle is found in every world ocean except for the
Arctic Ocean. There are a total of seven living species of
Sea Turtle that include the Leatherback, Flatback,
Hawksbill, Green Sea Turtle, Loggerhead, Kemp's Ridley, and
Olive Ridley. See also our stuffed turtle page.

Originally the Green Turtle sub-population that lived in the
East Pacific was classified as a different species and
called the Black Turtle. But because of DNA evidence they
have now been classified with the Green Sea Turtle species.

All species of Sea Turtle belong to the superfamily
Chelonioidea. They all belong to the same family
Cheloniidae, except the Leatherback Turtle that belongs to
the Dermochelyidae, of which it is the only member.

Species are differentiated by anatomical differences. For
example, the Leatherback Sea Turtle doesn't have a hard
shell like other turtles. Instead they have many of bony
plates that are beneath skin that is leathery. It is the
largest Sea Turtle, and can reach seven feet (2 meters) in
length and five feet (one and one half meters) in width and
can weigh up to thirteen hundred pounds (five hundred and
ninety kilograms).

Sea Turtles must surface to breathe air but this is briefly
done and they spend most of their lives submerged under the
ocean. The lungs of a Sea Turtle can rapidly exchange
oxygen, preventing gas from becoming trapped in their bodies
during deep dives. The blood can deliver oxygen to tissue
even under the pressure of the depths. During ordinary
activities the Loggerhead and Green Turtle can dive for four
to five minutes and surface for only one to three seconds to

Sea Turtles mainly subsist on Jellyfish and other gelatinous
prey with high concentrations of salt as part of their
makeup. The Sea Turtle has salt excretory glands at the
corner of the eye, in the nostrils and in the tongue. Due to
the high concentrations of salt of their prey these are a
necessary to get rid of the extra salt that their bodies
don't need.

Sea Turtles can sleep underwater for several hours without
needing to surface for air. When they are hunting for food
or diving they must surface more frequently to keep up with
the demands of the physical activity they are doing.

Sea Turtles come up on land to lay their eggs. Sea Turtles
will often drown if they are caught in fishermen's traps,
netting or rope, as they panic, which forces rapid
consumption of air. Sea Turtles are protected from harm or
harvesting by the laws of most countries, but their
populations are still in serious danger.

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"Sunny" Stuffed Plush Sea Turtle toy animal    18 inches long

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