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The most Fascinating Stuffed Turtles
you will ever lay your eyes on!

Tommy Turtle and Terence Turtle are just waiting for you
to give them a good home. These Absolutely Adorable
Stuffed Plush Turtles will be a wonderful addition
to your stuffed animal collection or for your kids
to play with.

Stuffed Plush Tommy Turtle Toy Animal
7 inches long

Plush Stuffed Terence Turtle Toy Animals
Two sizes to choose from

These plush stuffed Turtles
provide hours of endless entertainment and glee.

These Heart Stirring stuffed Turtles will make
such a Wonderful gift for that special person in your life.....
for children, and for any person who loves animals.

Enchantingly Soft and Endearing

Stuffed Plush Turtles
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Turtle Calendars you will easily get addicted to

Many people keep turtles as pets and we have a really
nice selection of articles on turtles you are welcome
to read in the Reptile section of our web site, link at top of page.

One of the most commonly kept turtles as pets is the
painted turtles. They are small and don't grow much larger
than 5 inches long. They have bright colors, are easy
to keep and and a gentle demeanor.

In the wild the painted turtles lay their eggs among
crocodile eggs (find out more about crocs on our
stuffed crocodile page), because the mother crocodile
will stay close and guard her nest thus keeping
predators away, so the painted turtle eggs have a
much better chance of survival.

Many people want to know the difference between turtles
and tortoises. The biggest difference is that turtles
live most of their lives in, around or under water
and tortoises live most of their lives on land.

It is interesting that only the box turtle and the
mud turtle have the ability to completely pull their
heads, legs and neck inside their shell. All other
turtles can do it to an extent, but not all the way
inside the shell.

There are two types of turtles, aquatic and land
turtles. Of the sea turtles the leatherback turtle
is one of the two heaviest reptiles in the world
with the other being the saltwater crocodile.
The leatherback turtle can weigh up to 2,000 pounds!
It spends it's entire life in the sea or sea water
if found in aquariums.

The hawksbill sea turtle is the smallest of the sea
turtles. It's the turtle with the pattern on it's shell
that is called tortoise shell and is used for
decorations, combs and belt buckles.

All sea turtles are currently endangered.

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