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The Rolls Royce of the Feline World - Silver Persian Cats

The Silver Persian was developed from the Chinchilla Persian
and it has a unique particular coloring to their fur. The
Silver Persian is considered to be the most ethereal of all
of the Persians, and it is often said to be "fairy-like" or
"the Rolls Royce" of the cat world.

The Silver Persian has an undercoat of pure white coloring
and the hairs of the top coat have black tips. This is what
gives the fur the sparkling silver color when the Silver
Persian moves, or even while it is just breathing. These
beautiful cats are also petite in size compared to other

The head, back, flanks and tail fur is tipped with black.
The legs sometimes also have this tipped fur. The chin, ear
tufts, chest and stomach are all pure white in color. The
rims of the eyes and the lips must be outlined in black. The
nose brick red, the paw pads are black and the eye color is
green or blue green.

The Shaded Silver Persian have a black mantle on their backs
that shades evenly down their sides and the legs and face
have tipping of the same dark color.

It is very important for a Silver Persian to have all of
these characteristics or they are disqualified from
registration with the CFA.

The Silver Persian is the smallest Persian and looks like a
ball of fluff floating along the ground. They are most
popular for this quality. Most Persians are stocky and big
boned despite the fluffy fur that hides their girth, but the
Silver Persian is like a small silvery ball running across
the floor.

These particular Persians need regular grooming and their
fur must be brushed out daily in order to prevent tangling
and matting. To own one of these beauties requires that you
love the breed enough to be willing to provide this high
level of care.

The Silver Persian has been known to grace palaces owned by
royalty and to be the pampered felines of the very rich
because of their elegant and refined appearance. To own one,
contact a registered breeder of Chinchilla Silver Persians.

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