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Toy Stegosaurus

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Stegosaurus Stuffed Dinosaurs Packed with Personality Plus!

The Stegosaurus is an armored dinosaur of the late
Kimmeridgian to Early Tihonian Jurassic period and used to
roam what is now Western North America. They have also been
found in Europe recently, in Portugal where a specimen was
found in 2006. Stegosaurus was an herbivore.

Because of the plates that ran along the back and its
distinctive tail spikes the Stegosaurus is among one of the
most recognizable dinosaurs, along with the Triceratops,
Apatosaurus and the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Stegosaurus means "roof-lizard" and the name, like most
dinosaur names, is from the Greek language. In the upper
Morrison Formation three species of Stegosaurus have been
identified from the remains of at least eighty individuals.

The stegosaurus lived alongside the Camarasaurus,
Apatosaurus and the Diplodocus that are the giant sauropods
that roamed around one hundred fifty million years ago.

The Stegosaurus was a heavily built quadruped that was very
large and had a strange and distinct posture: That of short
front legs and a very arched back and the head held low to
the ground with the tail being held high in the air.

The spikes and plates on the back were arranged from just
behind the skull all the way down to the end of the tail and
terminated in very sharp spikes. The plates on the back are
considered to have been defensive in nature and also to have
a heat regulation function.

The Stegosaurus was roughly the size of a bus and dwarfed
its cousins the Kentrosaurus and the Huaynagosaurus which
were a part of the stegosaurina genera with the Stegosaurus.

The Stegosaurus is considered to be one of the more beloved
dinosaurs in popular culture and is notably found in the
"The Land Before Time" cartoon movie series. The character
"Spike" is a Stegosaurus and some of the mannerisms that
Spike displays are said to be a part of the characteristics
that Stegosaurus really displayed.


Plush Stuffed Stegosaurus

will be a total wonder and awe to have hanging around
the house just waiting to surprise you with their cheery
attitude as they spread good will and laughs all over

Two sizes of stuffed stegosaurus toy dinosaur animals to
select from 10 inch and 15 inches.

Just simply the cat's meow.....
these plush stuffed Stegosaurus toy animals
will turn your gray skies blue again!

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Stuffed Stegosaurus
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