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Triggerfish can grow up to 3 feet long!

The Triggerfish is from the family Balistidae and is a
brightly colored fish often found in saltwater aquariums.
They are usually patterned with lines or spots, depending on
the species. Triggerfish are native to the warm coastal
waters of the Atlantic, Indo-Pacific and Mediterranean

Triggerfish have been known to grow up to three feet (almost
one meter) long. Triggerfish have a roundish and laterally
flat body. They have both anterior and dorsal fins. A small
dorsal fin is fused to the backbone.

They also have two dorsal spines that they can erect, with
the first one locking and the second able to lock or unlock.
This is a defense mechanism that helps to prevent the fish
from being swallowed whole or being pulled from its hole.
That is why they are called Triggerfish, because of the
unlocking and locking spines.

The spines of a Triggerfish are unlike those of a Filefish.
The Triggerfish's spine can be held in place by the second
spine and makes the fish more threatening to any would be

Triggerfish have small eyes that can rotate independently
and are situated on the top of the head. They have scales
that are rhomboid shaped and form tough body armor all over
the body excepting the fins.

The head of a Triggerfish is angular and big and extends to
a point at the snout. They have strong jaws with sharp teeth
that can crush shells. Each jaw contains eight rows of
teeth. The upper jaw has six rows of plate like teeth added
on to that.

Most Triggerfish are diurnal and solitary in nature. They
like to eat hard-shelled invertebrates and a few species eat
algae or large zooplankton. When laying eggs they dig a hole
in the ground and some species will guard the eggs after
they have been laid. These fish have been known to cause
severe injuries and should never be handled.

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