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Introduction to Tropical Fish

Before you set up your tropical fish tank there are
many things to think about. You will have over four
thousands varieties of tropical fish from which to
choose, so your first task should be to do some
research on what types of tropical fish are best
together and best for your situation.

Each tropical fish species will have narrow ranges of
water temperature in which they will be healthy, so you
should choose species that need similar temperature
levels so that one species won't weaken and die as
another happily thrives.

Most tropical fish need a water temperature between
seventy-eight and eighty degrees F. (25.5 to 26.7
degrees Celsius), so in most parts of the world you
will need to control the water temperature with an
electric aquarium heater.

You will also have to select your fish based on their
required oxygen levels, pH levels space needed to avoid
stress, and algae levels. Most of the time the pH
(acid/alkaline levels) you'll want to match is between
6.5 and 7.5, but some common types of tropical fish
need more acid or more alkaline water.

Fish that are overcrowded are vulnerable to death from
stress and disease, so be sure to research (Look
online, in books, or ask a knowledgeable friend.) how
many of your chosen tropical fish species can live in
the size of fish tank you want.

Another very important think to know and remember in
your planning is that you will need to purchase the
tank, thermometer, filters, heater, and tank decor and
set it all up with the conditioned water and run it all
for a few days to be sure that everything is working
properly. Then add a few inexpensive fish. If the first
fish seem to be doing well at the end of a week or two,
you can add more fish, a few at a time. Wait a few days
to a week between fish purchases so that you can be
sure that the new fish are healthy and compatible and
to avoid stressing all of the fish as well as possibly
damaging the tank's delicate balance.

If you follow these tips you should be able to start a
healthy tank of healthy tropical fish. Of course, there
is much more to learn about keeping tropical fish, and
you should buy a good reference book or two on the
subject. But the most important advice for keeping
healthy tropical fish that live out their life spans is
probably simply learning what they need and then
checking them, the temperature, water quality, pH, and
the like, regularly.

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