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Just like out of Jurassic Park - Stuffed Plush Tyrannosaurus

Fossilized foot prints of the Tyrannosaurus have been
found that measure around one and a half feet in length. The
feet were actually much longer. They were around three feet in length,
but this dinosaur walked on its toes. The Tyrannosaurus
stride was around fifteen feet in length and they have
been estimated to have been able to run up to fifteen miles
per hour.

The jaws of the Tyrannosaurus were up to four feet long
and had around sixty, conical teeth that could crush bone.
The teeth ranged from tiny to over nine inches in length.
Adult Tyrannosaurus had a range of tooth sizes because
of regrowth of teeth that were damaged or broken. One
Tyrannosaurus was found with teeth measuring thirteen
inches in length!

Tyrannosaurus has been estimated to have been able
to eat up to five hundred pounds of bones and meat in one
swallow. The Tyrannosaurus had an overbite,
specifically, a wrap around overbite that allowed the
dinosaur to close its mouth so that the lower jaw would fit
within the mouth inside the upper teeth.

Fossilized remains of the Tyrannosaurus have shown that
it had scaly, rough skin that was bumpy like an alligator's
skin. The texture has been described as "lightly pebbled".

Tyrannosaurus had no shortage of prey, for it would
eat any herbivorous dinosaurs in the area where it lived.
Remains of the Tyrannosaurus have been found in Mongolia
and Northern America.

The Tyrannosaurus is probably one of the most famous
types of dinosaur depicted in modern media. Most often when
you ask someone what type of dinosaurs they know,
Tyrannosaurus will be in that list. They are a
distinctive dinosaur that is recognizable around the world.

In the media, more often than not they play the part of the
villain. But in the children's story "The Land Before Time"
a baby Tyrannosaurus has been depicted as being kind and
helpful. Also, Barney the Dinosaur is actually looks like a
Tyrannosaurus and is the star of a children's television
show. See our stuffed Tyrannosaurus Rex page for more info
about this amazing creature

A Really Cool and Incredible

Plush Tyrannosaurus

You Will Love to Have

Three sizes to choose from - 14 inches, 17 inches and 21 inches

When you get a plush stuffed Tyrannosaurus
toy animal, you can throw away your date book looking for fun.

These Terrific looking stuffed Tyrannosaurus will make
excellent gifts for that special person in your life.....
for children, and for all dinosaur lovers everywhere.

A Dandy addition to add to the rest of
your stuffed dinosaurs.

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Tippy & Alfred made this page
right after watching Jurassic park on television! They ran and hid under
the couch when the Tyrannosaurus ate up the car. But came back out
and watched the rest of the movie when the Tyrannosaurus beat up
the Velociraptors and saved the day.