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The Yak; a quite interesting Creature

The wild Yak is found only on the Tibetan Plateau in central Asia.
Some Yak has been domesticated and used as dairy animals, for
their meat and hides and mainly for their usefulness as
cargo carrying animals. The domestic Yak is found all over
Kashmire, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Mongolia and China.

The yak is part of the family Bovidae which also includes
cows, oxen, antelopes, goats and sheep. You can find more info
about these animals on our stuffed cow page, stuffed antelope
page, stuffed goat page and stuffed sheep pages.

Yaks have a thick, wooly coat which is a blessing because they
live in some of the world's highest mountains with some very
cold climates. In fact in the summer, some yaks will spend
their days above the snow line to keep from becoming over
heated. They have adapted well to their harsh living conditions.

Their coats of long shaggy hair acts as a raincoat shedding
off water and also as a blanket keeping heat in. The wild yak
is black and brown with occasional touches of white. The
domestic yak can be reddish, mottled, brown or black.

Male yaks can weigh up to 1200 pounds which is about the weight
of the average dairy cow. Females don't grow as large only
weighing up to 770 pounds. They both grow to about just under
eleven feet in length. Yaks can live up to 25 years.

The male yak's horns grow to about 3 feet across where as the
females horns are not as long. Both use their horns as
shovels digging in the snow for buried food. Males also
use their horns as weapons.

As with other members of the Bovidae family, yaks tend to
stay in herds.

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