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Antelopes are one of 5 subfamilies of the family Bovidae.

The Gemsbok antelope has the long thin horns that look
like antennae, similar to the horns of the Thomson's gazelle
only a good bit less circumference. Gemsbok are divided
into two groups, one large population in southern Africa
and two smaller groups on eastern Africa. Closely related
to the Gemsbok is the Arabian oryx which weighs a good bit
less. The Arabian oryx was hunted to almost extinction and
now mainly survives in zoos.

Sable antelopes have a black coloring on the males and
a white with dark blaze stripe on the female. Sable antelopes
have horns similar to the gazelle, only theirs curves
backwards in more of a crescent moon shape.

Impalas are noisy antelopes making loud, hoarse, grunts when
in rut. Male and female all give off a loud warning snort
when danger is near. The calves bleat like the calves of
wildebeest do which you can find out more about on our
stuffed wildebeest page.

The Royal antelope is the smallest hoofed animal weighing
in at less than 19 pounds.

Gerenuks are the only member of the genus Litocranius which
literally means stone skull, so called because of the
reinforced bone matter around the brain. They are found
in northwestern Africa they are also called giraffe gazelles
find out more stuffed gazelle.

Dibatags are antelopes that are closest to the gerenuk
and live in a similar area of Africa. Dibatags are a bit
smaller than gerenuks weighing about 20 pounds less.

Kobs are graceful and quite fast running antelopes that
live across Africa from Senegal to Uganda. The kob is 1 of
5 species within the genus Kobus which also includes
water bucks which you can read about here: stuffed water buck.

Klipspringer antelopes are found only in steep, rocky
areas of the African savannah and highlands. They are small
and very agile antelopes. Klipsringer antelopes are 1 of 13
species of dwarf antelope.

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