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Yorkie Doodle Dandy - the Book

It was World War II and the battle against the Germans and
the Axis of Power was in full swing. The United States had
just joined the Alliance to defeat the Axis and many
soldiers were sent over seas to help support the floundering
friends across the ocean.

This is a story about a dog. Not just any dog but a very
small dog that became a hero during this desperate time. At
a station in New Guinea an American soldier named Bill Wyne,
an Air Force PFC, bought an unknown breed dog for two
dollars Australian to fund a sergeant's entrance into a
poker game. Another soldier had found the pup abandoned in a

Bill Wynne was from Cleveland, Ohio and had taken a few dog
training courses before leaving the United States to go to
war. He had a natural ability with dogs and started training
the little pup and teaching it some tricks. The pup, dubbed
"Smoky," was very smart and wanted to please his new master
and so learned basic obedience and many specialized tricks.

The soldiers later learned from a National Geographic
article of April 1944 that "Smoky" was in fact a Yorkshire
, "Yorkie" for short.

Smoky enjoyed and grew on the mess hall food and rations
including "Australian Bully Beef". She took daily baths in
her master's combat helmet to prevent her from catching
diseases from the local tick and flea population of the
tropical South Pacific island.

Smoky not only became a mascot for the New Guinea base but
also served on missions for the 5th Air Force, 26th Photo
Recon Squadron. "Yank Down Under" Magazine awarded her the
honor of naming her "Best Mascot in the South Pacific".

Smoky flew twelve photo recon missions and combat rescues.
Smoky and Bill went through kamikaze attacks and typhoons
together, and in their down time Bill and Smoky entertained
wounded soldiers in the hospitals, which also gave Smoky the
opportunity to improve her tricks and master still more.

Smokey did all of this and was a real hero war dog of Luzon
airfield. She pulled a string attached to phone wires
through a seventy foot eight inch diameter pipe in order to
replace the phone lines. This saved valuable time and saved
lives as otherwise they would have had to tear up the air
strip and lay the wires, which would have left the men on
the ground vulnerable to air attack.

When the war ended Smoky and Bill went into show business
and had a successful career that included live weekly
performances on TV.

You can read the entire story in a book called "Yorkie
Doodle Dandy: A Memoir:

Or the Other Woman Was a Real Dog" by William A. Wynne,
Smoky's beloved master. At the end of the book Bill shares
advice and tips on teaching dogs, plus information on
Smoky's breed.

If you are a Yorkshire Terrier lover you will love this
wonderful true story about this war hero that came in a tiny
package for two dollars Australian. It is a heartwarming
tale of companionship and love between a Yorkie dog and her
master during the trying times of World War II. If you are
simply either a dog lover or a history buff you will love
this book.

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