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Training a Dog to Stay Quiet

Constant dog barking is a strain on everyone, the people in
your home and often your neighbors as well. The good news is
that with a little patience and training the barking habit
not that difficult to curb.

Command training is one of the best ways to get your dog's
behavior in line with what you want, and it works perfect
for barking dogs. There are two basic commands you must
teach your dog to obey to stop it from barking at all hours.

The two commands are "Bark" and "Quiet." Now you may be
thinking, "I certainly don't need to teach my dog to bark,
it is doing that all day," but in reality you need to teach
the dog to bark on command, which is very different than its
barking at will.

So, start with the bark command. Sit the dog down in a quiet
place and have a pile of treats ready. Wait until the dog
barks for a treat and say "Bark," and then praise it and
give it a treat. Once your dog has barked a few times and
you have given the verbal command and dog treat each time, you
need to work to move the behavior to come after the cue.

So while the dog is quiet, say "Bark". If it responds give
it a treat and praise it. Continue this activity until you
are sure that the dog understands what you expect when you
say "Bark." Now you have taught it to follow the cue instead
of initiating it, and now the dog knows to wait for the cue
before barking.

You now need to repeat the same steps and teach it the
"Quiet" command. Sit with the dog and treats, but don't do
anything until the dog barks. Then say "Quiet!" and wait for
the dog to quiet down, then give praise and maybe a treat,
if treats don't make your dog too excited.

Once your dog understand and obeys these two commands you
have an easy way to control it if it starts to get a little
bark happy. It will know what you want when you say "Quiet!"
and want to comply in order to be praised.

A barking dog is an annoyance, but now that you know the
steps you can save everyone a little grief. As with all
training, the best approach is to use positive praise and
never negative attention for bad behavior.

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