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The Tibetan Terrier

Playful, Devoted,

Happy & Zestful

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Tibetan Terriers - The Holy Dog ....a Gift from the Gods?
By: Tippy

Tibetan Terriers are not terriers, they were bred to be
companion and watch dogs and so have the love of and desire
to please the master combined with the intelligent,
individualistic, independent thinking of such breeds.

A Tibetan Terrier will be devoted to the children, ready to play,
interested in everything around it, happy when you are happy
and trying to cheer you up when you are sad. Tibetans are
playful, alert, happy and zestful companions that want to be
a part of everything you and your family do. Members of this
breed have done well in agility and obedience competitions.

Consequently a Tibetan that is well socialized and trained
and that lives with a confident leader of a master will be a
happy dog and a wonderful family pet and companion. But a
Tibetan Terrier that is isolated and not well socialized or
trained may be shy, wary of strangers, and unruly.

Although, like the other Oriental breeds to which they are
related, Tibetan Terriers are intelligent, quick to learn,
independent thinkers, they have a stronger than average
drive to be with their masters and do not do well when left
alone all day or kenneled. You will need to carefully train
your Tibetan puppy not to cry when you go out to the store.
It will want to go everywhere with you.

The Tibetan Terrier has a long, thick, double coat suitable
for the cold, high mountains of the Himalayas where the
breed was developed, and even pet Tibetans that have their
hair clipped need regular brushing and grooming, so be sure
that you are willing and able to provide the proper coat
care. Mats in the fur of dogs with long, fine hair can be
unsightly, painful and even injurious to the dog if allowed
to remain.

A Tibetan actually sheds little for the amount of coat it
has. If you brush your dog every few days, misting the hair
first, and bathe it every week or so it should do fine. In
fact, a well groomed Tibetan might be a good breed choice
for an allergy sufferer.

If your Tibetan Terrier is a pet dog rather than a show dog
it is fine to have your groomer clip the dog in a "puppy
cut" for the summer. Another point to remember is that
Tibetan Terriers may be very flea sensitive.

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