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The Quick way to Housebreak a Dog

You have added a new puppy or adult dog to your family? Step
one in helping him or her become a good family member is
housebreaking training. The thing that might make it the
most difficult to live harmoniously with your pet would be
its messing in your house. The good news is that
housetraining or housebreaking a dog is pretty easy if you
know these steps.

The most important rule for you in housebreaking your dog is
that you must be committed, consistent and having a whole
lot of patience, especially at first. You will need to set
up a consistent routine of know the best times, watching for
your dog's signals and taking it to the selected "potty
place" before it has time to "have an accident."

You will need to take your dog out frequently to the area
you want it to use for its toilet, whether outdoors or on a
"doggie potty mat" inside. If you are going to be gone
during the day you will still need to make sure your pet is
taken out on schedule.

The younger your puppy is the more often it will have to go
because puppies have much smaller bladders and also
naturally tend to go whenever they feel the urge. Small
breeds also seem to be less able to wait for long periods,
even as adults. Crating your dog during this process can be
helpful because dogs do not like to eliminate where they
sleep and eat, so accidents will be fewer and learning will
be faster. See puppy potty training.

You must be consistent with your potty break schedule to be
successful. You also have to be realistic about how long
your dog can wait before it must go. If you leave the dog
alone for a much longer time you are likely to come back to
a mess, and it won't be the dog's fault.

As with any type of training you should use positive
reinforcement. Praise your dog when it goes where and when
you want. Alternatively, if it makes a mistake, take it to
the potty area anyway and have it wait there for a few
minutes. Then when you clean up the mess do it with the dog
in another room so it can't see you do it.

Following these steps will make it easier to get through
housebreaking and onto other fun training exercises with
your dog. Housetraining is the first thing you should do
when you are ready to start training. After that you might
consider leash training as the next logical step. , where
you can learn how to put an end to the stress and annoyance of
your dog's behavior problems.

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