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Tips for Training

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Quick Tips to help you Train your Dog to Sit
From your furry friend Tippy

Here are a few simple little tips and tricks you can
implement to get your dog sitting on command in no time.
Training your dog to sit is probably one of the easiest
commands for your pooch to learn.

One of the easiest ways is to associate the command with the
behavior and subsequent reward whenever you get an
opportunity. So, for example, when you are hanging around
the house and you see your dog about to sit down, say "Sit."
If you do this every time you see it sit down it starts to
associate the word with the action for your dog.

Using treats and positive praise are great ways to get your
dog to get the message quicker about what you want. Dogs are
natural born pleasers and they want to make you happy, so
let them know when you are pleased and you will see much
faster results with your training. Also, nearly every dog is
strongly food-motivated so snacks are usually a good tool as

When you are ready to start some more formal training, find
a nice quiet place for you and your dog to interact. Get a
handful of small dog treats ready to reward it for listening

If you have already been using the "Sit" command when your
dog sits, then try giving it the command and see if it works
on cue. If it completes the behavior be sure to give it a
treat and lots of praise. If your dog acts like it still
doesn't have a clue what you want, then do the following
exercise with it.

Take a treat and hold it right near its nose. Slowly start
to move your hand up in the air and back over its head,
which will cause the dog to stretch and arch its back. As a
result its butt will hit the floor and it will be in the
classic sit position. As soon as it is in that position,
praise it and give it the treat.

Following these quick tips will have your dog sitting on
command in no time. Learning the "Sit" is a basic command
that will come in handy over and over again throughout the
dog's life.
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