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Valentine's Day

for Pet Lovers


Saint Valentine's Day and Your Pet
By: Tippy & Alfred

Don't think that St. Valentine's Day is just for humans. You
can include your pet in this holiday and get plenty of love
from your pet for the consideration. You can find all kinds
of Valentine's Day cards, candies, cookies and presents both
online and in your neighborhood stores, and all geared
toward your pet for St. Valentine's Day.

There are a lot of websites on which you can get free e-
cards with all kinds of pets on them. These are good to send
to the pets of your friends and family, as the pets' owners
will enjoy both the card and the fact that you thought to
send it. Some cards you can print out and present to your

There are special pet treats that people can buy that are
flavored for doggies and kitties. These come in the shapes
of bones, hearts, cats, dogs, fish, birds and some are even
in the shape of flowers. You can give these treats to your
pet as a special Valentine's Day gift for all the love they
show you everyday.

You can also find Valentine's Day-related clothing for your
kitty or doggy. These will typically be red or pink shirts
with hearts and kisses all over them. Some have cute sayings
on them so that you can have a chuckle just looking at your
loving pet.

There are also a lot of pet gifts that, although not
necessarily geared toward Valentine's Day, can be bought and
given as a present on St. Valentine's to show love to your

And there is that day, February fourteenth that you can
decide to put aside for your pet just to spend time with it.
It is guaranteed that your pet will enjoy all of your
attention for one whole day. That is an excellent way to let
your pet know how important it is to you.

The St. Valentine's Day holiday is a day set aside to let
your loved ones and friends know that you care for them, so
when you think about those special someone's, think about
your pets as well. After all, they give you their
unconditional love and devotion 24/7-365. Why not repay them
a little for that kind of love they so naturally give to

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