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Want to Keep Your

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Healthy? Here's How

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The Welsh Springer Spaniel home Health Care Guide
By: Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

The Welsh Springer Spaniel has similar nutritional
needs as many of the other Spaniels. These include hip dysplasia,
progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts, and skin disease.

While we can't fight genetics, we can try to avoid some of
these problems by adding antioxidants to a high quality
protein and fat diet. You may use oat or wheat grass or alfalfa
in their puppy food.

Choose this Food for your Welsh Springer Spaniel

Keeping your dog thin will help ensure proper bone and
muscle growth.

Cleaning the eyes and ears daily should be part of your

When you simply don't have the energy to use up his,
chamomile tea with warm milk and a biscuit, or Calms
Homeopathic Remedy tablest are useful.

Brewer's yeast and garlic treats will supply the B vitamins
to help calm, and provide nutrients for skin and coat.

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Treats for Welsh Springer Spaniels

Natural & Safe Dog Relaxant

Welsh Springer Spaniel Dog

The Welsh Springer Spaniel, previously known also as the
Welsh Spaniel and the Welsh Spaniel, is a fairly
rare, medium-sized hunting dog. Its size is halfway between
a Spaniel and an English Springer Spaniel. Welsh
Springer Spaniels are clearly distinguished from other
Spaniels by their attractive bright red and white feathered
coats and their smaller, angled ears, although they are
sometimes mistaken for small English Springer Spaniels.

The body of a Welsh Springer Spaniel should be slightly
longer than it is tall. Its head is rounded slightly like
that of other spaniels and the muzzle is square. Tails are
traditionally docked and dewclaws are removed for safety in
the field. According to the standard, eyes are brown only.

The coat is white and red/brown and medium-length with
straight or wavy hair and feathered legs, chest, tail and
undersides. Any pattern of white and red is acceptable, and
red ticking is allowed on the white. The coat is
weatherproof and protective against cold, wet, and thick

This breed was developed in Wales and can be clearly traced
back to the eighteenth century. The breed was bred to hunt
birds, rabbits and other small game in the undergrowth and
get it to fly or run into the open so the hunting falcon
could strike or now, so that the hunter can shoot it. Such
flushing of game is called "springing" and that is where the
"Springer" name came from. The breed also can be taught to
retrieve but they don't point.

As a consequence of their breeding, a Welsh Springer Spaniel
has an amazingly good nose and a strong drive to follow it,
so your Welshie should not be allowed off leash in unsafe
areas, as it may absentmindedly follow its nose out of sight
and become lost.

The breed also requires some grooming of its beautiful coat.
You should brush it daily and have it trimmed every few
months to prevent mats and to cut down on shedding mess.

"Welshies," as the breed is affectionately called, are
sensitive dogs that are polite and peaceful with everyone,
including other animals. Consequently they are fairly easy
to train with positive reinforcement, although you will need
to keep up the training to maintain discipline. In the field
a Welsh Springer Spaniel will work with good stamina and
endurance, and at home this breed is less hyperactive than
the English Springer Spaniel.

However, Welsh Springer Spaniels become very attached to
their owners and can be timid, have separation anxiety
problems and even become destructive or have submissive
urination problems if not socialized properly. If you don't
have time to give a dog exercise and mental stimulation
every day or you are gone most of the day for many days per
week this may not be the breed for you. If you do have the
time and willingness, however, the Welshie can make a great
companion or family dog and a good hunting companion as

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