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Why does my Dog

Misbehave when

I want him to be good?

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"Misbehavior in Dogs" Understand Why

Even if you have taken the time to train your dog well and
it is usually a perfect angel, sometimes dogs just
misbehave. Understanding why your dog misbehaves can go a
long way toward your being able to curb that bad behavior.

Our dogs' emotions are similar to our in many ways, but when
a dog is upset and misbehaving it is more likely due to
anxiety rather than anger or resentment. The reason that
people sometimes come home to a chewed up shoe or garbage
strewn across the house is not that the dog is punishing its
owner or that it just decided to be bad, as owners often
conclude. It was more likely that the dog was fearful or
anxious about something while it was left alone.

Frustration and anxiety in dogs that can lead to bad behavior
can have many different causes. If a dog is not getting proper
exercise and getting out daily for some fresh air, this may
cause it to become anxious and misbehave.

Another thing that can affect a dog is isolation. Dogs are
very social animals and they don't like spending long
stretches of time alone, it isn't natural for them. Some
dogs handle these separations better than others, but none
of them are comfortable with, long stretches of alone time
and it can leave you with a frustrated pooch.

Another reason dogs misbehave is because they haven't been
taught how they should be acting. Obedience training will go
a long way in curbing your dog's less desirable habits. Make
sure you have done leash training and taught it basic
commands such as sit, heel and down. If your dog doesn't
know what you want from it, it can't possibly be obedient.

Dogs may also misbehave if they have been the victim of
abuse. For example, you may find that if you adopt a shelter
dog who has been abused there may be a larger learning curve
to get its behavior in line because of the past abuse. It
may have learned wrong behaviors as coping mechanisms in its
past life. By the same token, you should never strike your
dog as a form of punishment.

The next time your dog just can't seem to keep itself out of
trouble consider its circumstances at the moment. Has it
been confined in the house for a long time or has something
else happened that could cause it to feel anxious and
frustrated? If you find something, fix it and see how
quickly your dog's attitude turns around.

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