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A List of

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the Preakness Stakes

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Preakness Stakes Winners

Below is a comprehensive list of the Winning Horse and Winning Jockey
for each horse in the Preakness Stakes.

Winning Horses of the Preakness Stakes that are highlighted in red
also won the Triple Crown that year.

Note: In 1918 there were enough horses entered to run two Preakness
Races, so there were 2 winning horses that year.

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List of the Winners of the Preakness Stakes

2004 Smarty Jones S. Elliott
2003 Funny Cide J. Santos
2002 War Emblem V. Espinoza
2001 Point Given G. Stevens
2000 Red Bullet J. Bailey
1999 Charismatic C. Antley
1998 Real Quiet K. Desormeaux
1997 Silver Charm G. Stevens
1996 Louis Quatorze P. Day
1995 Timber Country P. Day
1994 Tabasco Cat P. Day
1993 Prairie Bayou M. Smith
1992 Pine Bluff C. McCarron
1991 Hansel J. Bailey
1990 Summer Squall P. Day
1989 Sunday Silence P. Valenzuela
1988 Risen Star E. Delahoussaye
1987 Alysheba C. McCarron
1986 Snow Chief A. Solis
1985 Tank's Prospect P. Day
1984 Gate Dancer A. Cordero, Jr.
1983 Deputed Testamony D. Miller, Jr.
1982 Aloma's Ruler J. Kaenel
1981 Pleasant Colony J. Velasquez
1980 Codex A. Cordero, Jr.
1979 Spectacular Bid R. Franklin
1978 Affirmed S. Cauthen
1977 Seattle Slew J. Cruguet
1976 Elocutionist J. Lively
1975 Master Derby D. McHargue
1974 Little Current M. Rivera
1973 Secretariat R. Turcotte
1972 Bee Bee Bee E. Nelson
1971 Canonero II G. Avila
1970 Personality E. Belmonte
1969 Majestic Prince W. Hartack
1968 Forward Pass I. Valenzuela
1967 Damascus W. Shoemaker
1966 Kauai King D. Brumfield
1965 Tom Rolfe R. Turcotte
1964 Northern Dancer W. Hartack
1963 Candy Spots W. Shoemaker
1962 Greek Money J. Rotz
1961 Carry Back J. Sellers
1960 Bally Ache R. Ussery
1959 Royal Orbit W. Harmatz
1958 Tim Tam I. Valenzuela
1957 Bold Ruler E. Arcaro
1956 Fabius W. Hartack
1955 Nashua E. Arcaro
1954 Hasty Road J. Adams
1953 Native Dancer E. Guerin
1952 Blue Man C. McCreary
1951 Bold E. Arcaro
1950 Hill Prince E. Arcaro
1949 Capot T. Atkinson
1948 Citation E. Arcaro
1947 Faultless D. Dodson
1946 Assault W. Mehrtens
1945 Polynesian W. Wright
1944 Pensive C. McCreary
1943 Count Fleet J. Longden
1942 Alsab B. James
1941 Whirlaway E. Arcaro
1940 Bimelech F. Smith
1939 Challedon G. Seabo
1938 Dauber M. Peters
1937 War Admiral C. Kurtsinger
1936 Bold Venture G. Woolf
1935 Omaha W. Saunders
1934 High Quest R. Jones
1933 Head Play C. Kurtsinger
1932 Burgoo King E. James
1931 Mate G. Ellis
1930 Gallant Fox E. Sande
1929 Dr. Freeland L. Schaefer
1928 Victorian R. Workman
1927 Bostonian A. Abel
1926 Display J. Maiben
1925 Coventry C. Kummer
1924 Nellie Morse J. Merimee
1923 Vigil B. Marinelli
1922 Pillory L. Morris
1921 Broomspun F. Coltiletti
1920 Man o' War C. Kummer
1919 Sir Barton J. Loftus
1918 War Cloud (1st Edition) J. Loftus
1918 Jack Hare Jr.(2nd Edition) C. Peak
1917 Kalitan E. Haynes
1916 Damrosch I. McAtee
1915 Rhine Maiden D. Hoffman
1914 Holiday Schuttinger
1913 Buskin Butwell
1912 Col. Holloway C. Turner
1911 Watervale E. Dugan
1910 Layminster Estep
1909 Effendi W. Doyle
1908 Royal Tourist E. Dugan
1907 Don Enrique G. Mountain
1906 Whimsical W. Miller
1905 Cairngorm W. Davis
1904 Bryn Mawr Hildebrand
1903 Flocarline W. Gannon
1902 Old England L. Jackson
1901 The Parader Landry
1900 Hindus H. Spencer
1899 Half Time R. Clawson
1898 Sly Fox W. Simms
1897 Paul Kauvar Thorpe
1896 Margrave H. Griffin
1895 Belmar F. Taral
1894 Assignee F. Taral
1890 Montague W. Martin
1889 Buddhist Anderson
1888 Refund Littlefield
1887 Dunboyne W. Donohue
1886 The Bard Fisher
1885 Tecumseh J. McLaughlin
1884 Knight of Ellerslie Fisher
1883 Jacobus G. Barbee
1882 Vanguard Costello
1881 Saunterer Costello
1880 Grenada L. Hughes
1879 Harold L. Hughes
1878 Duke of Magenta C. Holloway
1877 Cloverbrook C. Holloway
1876 Shirley G. Barbee
1875 Tom Ochiltree L. Hughes
1874 Culpepper W. Donohue
1873 Survivor G. Barbee

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