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the Akita's

Nutrition Needs

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Special Health Care For The Akita
By: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

The Akita is a strong, cuddly, affectionate, protective
dog that can make the perfect pet, providing it's
properly cared for.

Daily brushing, combined with a high quality protein
and fat food with vegetable enzymes, will keep the
skin and coat healthy, with less shedding.

Here's the Highest Quality Food for your Akita

Akitas are prone to obesity, often concealed by the full coat, so
carrots and celery are the only treats allowed except for brewer's
yeast and garlic for flea control.

The daily addition of alfalfa provides antioxidants and
supports normal bone growth.

What you can do for Akita Skin & Coat Problems

Akita Dogs Love these Tasty Treats

Picture of Akita

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Find out how to Train your Akita

The Akita Dog - The Perfect Guard Dog
From: Tippy & Alfred

The Akita is a distinctive, solidly powerful, well
proportioned dog. It is the largest of the Japanese Spitz-
type breeds and was bred to be a guard or watch dog.

The Akita is almost as long as it is tall, with a level back
and a deep, broad chest. The head is large, broad and shaped
like a wedge. They have a well defined face and a cleft in
the forehead, and small, erect triangular ears that are
carried forward of the neck line.

In general the nose is preferred to be black but it can be
brown sometimes as well. The lips are usually black and the
tongue is pink colored. The teeth should meet levelly or in
a scissor bite. Scissor bite is preferred in this breed.

The tail of the Akita is distinctive. It is carried high and
curls over the back. They have cat-like feet that are webbed
and they make excellent swimmers. They coat is dense and
double. The top coat is harsh and waterproof and the
undercoat is soft and thick and is used to insulate the dog.

Akitas that fit the standard for the breed can have a white,
brindle, red or sesame coat color. The colors shouldn't have
clear borders. Never should an Akita have a black mask.

The Akita was bred as a guard dog, and needs a strong
dominant owner; otherwise they become very aggressive and
willful. As is true of all Spitz breeds, Akitas are not easy
to train or control. You will have to constantly reaffirm
yourself as leader of the pack.

When properly trained they are courageous, docile, fearless
and intelligent. But it will be a constant battle with this
dog to maintain control. Once you are accepted as the pack
leader consistency is required to be sure that the dog
doesn't slip into dominant behaviors. Every human must be
higher up than this dog or it may become aggressive towards
those it determines to be submissive.

Akitas are wonderful with children and make excellent guard
dogs once pack leadership has been successfully assigned and
the dog is aware that all humans are dominant.

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