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The Delightfully Adorable American Eskimo Dog Breed
By: Tippy

The American Eskimo dog is a small snowy white Spitz dog. It
looks like a miniature version of the Samoyed. There are
three different varieties of American Eskimo: toy, miniature
and standard. The Eskie is a great companion that is a good
size for any environment.

The American Eskimo has a narrow fox-like face. Its snout
and skull are about the same length. It has triangular erect
ears that face forward and a heavily plumed tail that is
erect and curls over the back.

They have a good top line and level. They also have good
feet and legs that allow them to perform energetically. The
preferred color for their eyelids, nose, pads and gums is
black. The coat is heavier around the neck creating the
appearance of a mane or ruff. The breed is boxy-looking as
its body is only slightly longer than its height.

The abundant coat is pure white or biscuit color with white
markings. No other colors are allowed aside from white,
cream or biscuit with white markings. The coat shouldn't be
wavy or curly and the undercoat needs to be plush and thick
with the harsher outer coat growing up through the
undercoat. The skin is either gray or pink.

They eyes must be brown, no other color is allowed. And the
dog must be under nineteen inches (forty-eight centimeters)
tall and over nine inches (twenty-three centimeters) tall or
it can't be shown. The breed has many avid fans and many
people once they get an Eskie will be a devoted follower for
the rest of their lives.

The American Eskimo is a loving, affectionate and charming
dog. It is playful, hardy and wonderful with children. They
are very intelligent and willing to please their masters.

They are very easy to train and have been known to win top
scores in obedience trials. They are working dog for all of
their fluffy appearance. They are wary of strangers but once
that person has been introduced they are friendly.

Feed Top Quality Nutrition for the American Eskimo Dog
Featuring: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

Whether you have the toy, miniature, or standard,
the American Eskimo Dogs are loyal, playful dogs
that come with lots and lots of fur.

To keep shedding under control and their hair in the
soft, full condition it's known for, feeding a high quality
dog food with the addition of a vegetable enzyme is a must.

Here's the Ultimate Cuisine for American Eskimo Dogs

Brewer's yeast and garlic is your treat of choice for the
summer months, and may help improve appetite.

Make sure to add antioxidants. Daily exercise is important for
their mental and physical health.

See my recommendation for an Excellent Antioxidant
Treat with a Luscious Taste your American Eskimo dog will love

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