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Reviewing the philosophy

of Animal Welfare

& Animal Rights


The information you should be aware of on Animal Welfare

What is it?
A philosophy of stewardship of animals by people

Proponents:, American Kennel Club (AKC), National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA),
Responsible Pet Owners Alliance (RPOA)

1. Supports raising and using animals humanely and responsibly for food, fiber, labor, and medical research.

2. Manages animal populations by hunting; keeping animals in zoos and other educational venues.

3. Requires humane treatment and responsible use of animals on farms, ranches, circuses, rodeos, homes, kennels, catteries, laboratories, and wherever else animals are maintained.

4. Endorses a scientific approach to commercial use and
management of wild animal populations and a quick death when death is inevitable.

5. Celebrates human/animal interactions and works to improve animal well-being.

6. Enjoys animal sports and animals in movies, circuses, and on stage.

7. Rejoices in the bond between humans and dogs as owner and pet.

Information on Animal Rights

What is it?
A political movement that opposes all animal use including working dogs (for blind, etc.) and companion dogs (i.e., pets)

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Doris Day Animal League, Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) {but not local Humane Societies}

The agenda is taken from The politics of Animal Liberation written by Kim Barlett, Editor of the Animals' Agenda, Nov. 1987 but a minimally modified version was part of the Green Party Platform for 2000

1. Abolish by law animal research.

2. Outlaw the use of animals for cosmetic and product testing, classroom demonstrations and weapons development.

3. Make vegetarian meals available at all public institutions, including schools.

4. Eliminate all animal agriculture.

5. End herbicides, pesticides, and other Agricultural chemicals. Outlaw predator control.

6. Transfer enforcement of animal welfare legislation away from the Dept. of Agriculture.

7. Eliminate fur ranching and end the use of furs.

8. Prohibit hunting, trapping and fishing.

9. End the international trade in wildlife goods.

10. Stop any further breeding of companion animals, including purebred dogs and cats.

11. Spaying and neutering should be subsidized by state and municipal governments. Commerce in domestic and exotic animals for the pet trade should be abolished.

12. End the use of animals in entertainment.

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