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The Border Collie

The Border Collie looks somewhat like an Australian Shepherd
but without the bobtail. The tail should reach to the hock
at least and sometimes when the dog is excited the tail is
raised. The body is slightly longer than it is tall. They
are medium sized dogs that are full of energy.

The skull of the Border Collie has a distinct stop and is
rather wide. The dog has a black nose and the muzzle
tapers. The ears are almost always half-perked. The dog has
dark brown oval eyes, but Border Collies with a merle coat
can have blue eyes. The teeth should come together in a
scissors bite.

There are two types of Border Collie: One type has thick,
straight, coarse hair about three inches (seven and one half
centimeters) long. The other has sleek hair about one inch
(two and one half centimeters) long. Always the hair on the
ears, face and front legs is short and sleek.

The coat can come in colors of all black, black and gray,
black and white, red and white, sable, tri-color, merle,
yellow and yellow and white. Border Collies with the longer
hair type should regularly be brushed out with a mane and
tail brush.

Border Collies are bred for the dog's intelligence and
working ability rather than beauty or matching a standard.
Therefore the breed conformation varies widely.

Male dogs can reach nineteen to twenty-two inches (forty-
eight to fifty-six centimeters) in height and they weigh
thirty to forty-five pounds (thirteen and one half to twenty
and one half kilograms) on average. The female dog can reach
eighteen to twenty-one inches (forty-six to fifty-three
centimeters) in height and weighs twenty-seven to forty-two
pounds (twelve to nineteen kilograms) on average. These
measurements are based on a healthy average of dogs of this

Border Collies live twelve to fifteen years on average. The
female dog has an average litter size of between four to
eight puppies, more commonly six puppies.

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