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Absolutely Adorable

Border Collie

Figurines that Rule!

These Brilliant Border Collie Figurines are Collectible!

Do you love dogs? Do you love Border Collies? Do you love to
collect figurines and other dog decor items? If any of these
are true you will love these lifelike, full-color figurines
of the Brilliant Border Collie.

These Border Collie figurines were artistically designed to
show incredible detail and amazing realism and they show off
the alert intelligence of the Border Collie breed to great

Border Collies, also called Farm Collies and Working
Collies, which descended from herding dogs from the
Scottish, Welsh and English borders, are considered one of
the most intelligent and hardest working of all dogs. They
are still used as shepherds and also are popular as both
pets and obedience trial contestants.

Buy this brilliant Border Collie figurine and it will always
impress with its steady gaze and expressive stance,
illustrating the willingness and boundless energy of this
breed. Everyone who sees it will be impressed with the flair
of this beautiful dog.

Check out all our Border Collie figurines along with other
figurines, gifts, accessories, Border Collie calendars,
Border Collie Mugs, Border Collie Greeting Cards and hundreds
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Page By: Tippy who wonders why they didn't come and
get her to be a model for these Border Collie Figurines, Tippy says
she would have been really pleased to pose for them and they
would have sold like hotcakes on a cold winter day.

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