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The Bulldog's appearance is intimidating to those that do
not know the breed. In truth they are among some of the
gentlest dogs ever bred. They are also protective of their
family, and strangers bent on trouble will be sorry because
to those that would harm their family Bulldogs are fierce.
They are affectionate, courageous, dependable, gentle and
guarding. They are also a determined, persistent and
stubborn dog. They do not easily give up.

The Bulldog is comprised of two different versions, the
English Bulldog and the American Bulldog. The English
Bulldog is compact and wide with a small stature. They have
a thick massive head that is very broad. The cheeks should
extend to the sides of the eyes. The forehead and skull
should have skin that is densely folded.

By contrast the American Bulldog is taller and more agile
than the English Bulldog. Some American Bulldogs have been
able to leap more than six feet into the air. The American
Bulldog is a large, very sturdy dog with powerful jaws and
head. They are agile, light and very strong.

Today's Bulldog is a descendent of an ancient Asiatic
mastiff that was bred in Great Britain, but they do not
resemble their ancestor much anymore. One origin of the name
"Bulldog" is said to come from medieval times and refer to
the look of a robust little bull. This dog breed has that
kind of power when they exert themselves. They were used to
attack bulls in arena combat before this practice was
outlawed in the nineteenth century.

The American Bulldog became almost extinct after World War
II. Because of the efforts of John D. Johnson from
Summerville, Georgia the American Bulldog still exists
today. He has been a breeder of the American Bulldog for
longer than any other breeder and his father before him bred
the breed.

The American Bulldog is fiercer and more agile than the
English Bulldog. They have been used to hunt bear, boar,
raccoon and squirrel. They have also been trained to guard
stock from predators and to drive cattle. American Bulldogs
are prized by farmers for their intelligence,
protectiveness, stamina and working abilities. Some American
Bulldogs have talents like hunting, guarding, tracking,
watchdog and weight-pulling.

Bulldogs are very socially oriented. They enjoy human
company and daily attention from their owners is required
for this breed of dog to be happy. Some dogs in this breed
can have issues with dominance and will need to have a
strong person to guide them properly. A Bulldog needs firm,
consistent, constant, patient, calm training and guidance.
Provide these things and you will have a worthy companion
and protector.

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