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Tips for when you purchase your Tropical Fish
Rob Mellor

Before you go out and buy some tropical aquarium fish you must
take into consideration a few factors. You want to get the best
fish you can so Iím sure youíll agree that itís important to do
some research and learn what to look for when you go to the pet
shop to buy your fish.

Iím going to talk to you today about how to spot healthy and
colorful fish that will help you create a stunning aquarium. Here
are a few things you should look for:

1, Look for fish that come to the front of the glass when looking
in the tank. If a fish hides at the back or in ornaments then
that fish is not going to be a good buy. The fish must swim
around freely and without any problems.

2, If been fed, look for fish that are quick to feed. These fish
will grow bigger, have more color and be healthier in general.
The others that take time before starting to feed are likely to
be smaller fish that may be bullied by the others.

3, Donít buy dark or very pale colored fish. These fish have a
risk of having disease or been under stress and might not last
long when been moved to your aquarium.

4, If buying livebearers make sure the females arenít heavily
pregnant. These fish will become very stressed when been moved
and can often die as a result. Instead look for medium sized
females that donít have a big round bump.

5, Ask assistance and do your research before about fish you are
going to keep together and if they are compatible. Make sure you
donít mix peaceful fish with very aggressive fish.

6, Make sure you only buy a few fish at a time. If you buy all
your fish at once you will overstock your tank and cause ammonia
problems which could result in deaths.

Please make sure you think about these things when looking to buy
tropical fish. If you follow these six things Iím sure you
shouldnít have many problems. For more information please check
out my blogs.

Rob owns a few blogs,

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